It is our opinion that in the days of the travelling Shaman that the arrival of the Shaman, especially as it would probably coincide with one or other of the seasonal festive rites, would be a time of great rejoicing and therefore feasting!!


dscn0991We believe from prehistoric evidence that the people of that era would be living on a meat based diet, which it now turns out, to be a very healthy way to live. It would also probably mean that the modern western opinion promulgated in recent years, that a vegetarian diet should apply to anyone aspiring to a spiritual life is unnecessary – in fact we believe that the ancient peoples of this time would eat anything they could get their hands on at any particular season. It is actually possible that the use of semi-starvation or an ascetically based diet was used by some religions or other world seekers at times in the past to instigate hallucinations or aid “other world” visions, but we believe that this was highly unlikely in truly ancient times. Originally we believe, hunger was more likely to have been feared rather than revered – obviously this is a purely personal opinion! We have therefore decided that the “feasting & celebration” option is our preferred position for these courses. Perhaps not quite in the Viking tradition – no whole pigs on the table – but good food & wine.


Therefore, during your stay with us at Shamanic Path Holidays you will be presented with good quality, locally produced/sourced food mostly of “organic” certification or close. Some of it will indeed have been grown either by ourselves or our neighbours in the valley, for instance our eggs come from my friends & neighbour’s farm Les Monjes.


We believe in showing respect for our good food and in order to enjoy our feasting experiences we will all “dress” for dinner each evening. Your choice of dress is entirely your own – you can be as flamboyant, avant gard, in period or whatever you fancy. In fact it is an opportunity to wear those special clothes that somehow seem to sit at the back of the closet and rarely get used, if at all, in these very “conservative” days when blue jeans are the uniform.


All our menus will be Gluten Free & mostly chemical/additive free except for Breakfast which will include croissants & French bread if you wish to partake of them. Gluten Free alternatives will be available.

  • Breakfast
    • Gluten free homemade Muesli
    • Cold Meat Buffet
    • Home made jams/jellies/confiture or honey
    • Gluten free homemade bread
    • Croissants – freshly cooked
    • French bread baguettes – freshly cooked
  • Sample Menus of the style of food we intend to serve on our courses are shown below

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