dscn0989Gilli Greaves retired from an eclectic mix business career mainly in finance and agriculture in the UK to live in France in 2004 at the age of 55. On a personal level she has had a deep seated interest in healing and herbalism all her life which eventually brought her to Reiki Seichem & Shamanism in the late 1990’s when she had the opportunity to train with a family friend Marlene Shreeve. Gilli has been a Reiki Seichem Master/Teacher & travelling the Shamanic Path for ten years.

She is also an artist painting in the naturalistic tradition in both oils and watercolours. She is a poet, enthusiastic gardener, lover of cooking & good food, an animal lover and trainer – breeding horses and sheep for many years both in the UK & France. Born into Aries with the Sun Conjunct Mars according to her Natal Astrological Chart she would have been a skilled and able psychologist! She is a confident speaker imparting a genuine love of her subject with infectious enthusiasm – a born teacher!


William (Bill) Nicholls retired from a career in engineering to live in France in 2005 drawn to this area by an interest in the prehistory & the mysteries surrounding Renne le Chateau in particular. He grew up in a small country town in Lancashire, UK from a farming background. Introduced to country crafts at an early age by his grandfather he became deeply interested in the natural world. He quickly realised that established religion was not for him and that there was much more to the Universe & Life itself. His horizons were broadened still further by his grandmother who proudly declared herself as a ‘witch’ and began to teach him herbs & their uses. Unfortunately she died when he was only young and his education in healing came to a halt, lying dormant but not forgotten. Being born into Scorpio he is a skilled musician, avant gard in his outlook, ready to meet any challenge, his love of the different and unusual, living life to the full – a self styled ‘adrenalin junky’ kept his energies searching for his true path until seven years ago when he decided to train in Reiki Seichem healing with Gilli. Bill is now a Reiki Seichem Master & is now travelling the Shamanic Path with Gilli in the deeply felt belief that in a previous incarnation he was a travelling storyteller & healer in the Norse tradition. He is a born raconteur, very perceptive and very happy to share his feelings with other like minded people.


dscn0988Mike Greaves (my husband) will be on hand to help, organise, collection, delivery and generally be his wonderful, helpful, cheerful self throughout the course.

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